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Maasvlakte, Rotterdam, Netherlands156 viewsPilot Boat at Maasvlakte, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Tug Anita Lamey207 views
June 1920. Yard No: 384 Bow, McLochlan & Co. Ltd. Paisley
Gross: 172

Worked in the Birkenhead (Liverpool) area.
An Inglorious End177 viewsJust another wreck.

Dorunda 1890237 viewsThis tug was built in 1890 and part of the Lamey group of tugs.
Steam Tug Florida217 viewsBefore she was modernised in 1948. Another Lamey Tug. Used a Allen Collection Photo for the model, however the photo has a date of 1904 yet looks to be much later.

She was built in 1902 however, several change from that date seem to have occurred.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what date the painting represents?
Sometimes tankers die hard107 viewsThe US sub is diving & a Japanese Destroyer has turned to engage. Depending on how fast the sub can work out a firing solution & if any tubes are still loaded, they could try a "down the throat shot". This required two torpedos minimum. The two or more are launched down the track of the oncoming destroyer with basically a zero bearing rate. The spread of torpedos will cause the destroyer to turn if sighted, but by then at least one would hit due to the destroyer turning going across the spread.
Interceptor Pilot 42 Espinheiro returning to Port of Aveiro238 viewsFast ride in.
L236160 viewsThe Pilot boat L 236 departing Tallbacka berth at Ruotsinpyhtää, Finland
N151L241 viewsØybuen, Svolvaer Norway
J H Lamey Steam Tug177 viewsBuilt Nov 1914. Yard No 293 Coming up to take a tow. Note ship is blowing off steam
Pilot 112 SE at Hävringe pilot harbour141 viewsPilot 112 SE at Hävringe pilot harbour

Pilot OB MacKay132 viewsPilot Boat Outbound Mackay Queensland Australia
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