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Lake steamer485 viewsPainting Bodensee Raddampfer Schiff ( Lake Steamer) 1871 flying the new German flag (1871-1918).

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Fairplay 21 shallow water tow479 viewsThis painting of Fairplay 21 is oil & acrylic on canvas 25x30x1.8cm. The tow is in shallow water and the 'washing machine effect' is evident. Makes for a most unpleasant trip.

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Tug 84 moving a containership353 viewsTug 84 in Antwerp

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On the way home309 views
This painting is of a tug Taifuns 1 - IMO 8845171. Outbound Brest for Galati in Rumania. The trip started in Latvia. Total journey of 4 800 nautical miles (9 000 km). Just outside of port and pushing into a swell.
Hans Oskar280 viewsThis tug is working in Sweden. It is mid-winter and the ice is getting thick. I have painted the scene lighter than would be normal.

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RT_MAGIC Rotterdam IMO 9190066244 viewsA tug of the Kotug NL Group
IMO 8007456 Zabeel 4239 viewsThis tug is working in the mid east. Just coming out of a turn.

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Dorunda 1890237 viewsThis tug was built in 1890 and part of the Lamey group of tugs.
Tug Kambr226 viewsThis tug is working in Poland and the scene is one of a pleasant day on the water. Nice when that happens.

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Steam Tug Florida217 viewsBefore she was modernised in 1948. Another Lamey Tug. Used a Allen Collection Photo for the model, however the photo has a date of 1904 yet looks to be much later.

She was built in 1902 however, several change from that date seem to have occurred.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what date the painting represents?
Tug Centaurus214 viewsTug Centaurus with an awkward tow in moderate wind conditions

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Tug Anita Lamey207 views
June 1920. Yard No: 384 Bow, McLochlan & Co. Ltd. Paisley
Gross: 172

Worked in the Birkenhead (Liverpool) area.
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